For multiple changing of streetlights only a driver is required.
ReCoDrive equipped with puncher means the quickest way to punch holes for road railing poles.
Capacity 120 - 300 poles per day.
Vehicle with sky-lift and ReCoDrive makes window-cleaning more rational by moving the vehicle along the front of the house, all work done from the sky-lift basket.
Heater-truck with ReCoDrive offers exact operation and speed control.
The heater-truck can be proportionally operated within 0 -12 m/min.
Sensor-ram ensors for measuring safety distance and for automatic vehicle stop.
Asphalt- laying with Sprider-machine and ReCoDrive makes the work more rational, cost saving and ergometrical
Control-panel ( radio or wire- controlled ) Joystick as standard for wheel-steering, driving forward/reverse, deadmans´- handle and emergency stop. Options: control for high/low gear, revolution adjustment, engine start/stop, up/down function for platform, flashers. Radio controlled steering according to customer request
Main central The central includes box with electronics, pneumatic valves and proportional hydraulic valve. Easy access for settings and service
Wheel steering Concealed unit attached to the steering gear Pneumatic on/off
Gearbox The gearbox is mounted, with minimal interference, on the propeller shaft of the vehicle. Hence simple and inexpensive to move ReCODrive from one vehicle to another, and to restore.

Technical description:
ReCoDrive fits all back-wheel-driven vehicles, new or old ones, equipped with power steering unit and hydraulic pump. Weight 170 kilograms, all included. ReCoDrive includes hydraulic/mechanical gearbox, steering unit, control box, automatic collision control , cabin panel for on/off, easy-to-service main central for all hydraulic and pneumatic functions, technical manual